Can I Send a Fax From Outlook?

Are you looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to send a fax? Have you heard of Outlook and wondered if you can use it to send a fax? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will show you how to easily send a fax using Microsoft Outlook. We will walk you through all the steps necessary to get your fax sent quickly and easily. So, if you’re ready to learn how to fax with Outlook, let’s get started!

Can I Send a Fax From Outlook?


Can I Send a Fax Through Outlook?

The short answer is yes – you can send a fax from Outlook, but only if you use a third-party online fax service. Sending faxes directly from Outlook is not currently possible. However, with a reliable online fax service, you can easily send a fax from Outlook with just a few clicks.

There are many third-party services available that allow you to send and receive faxes directly from Outlook. These services usually require a subscription fee, but they provide a convenient and secure way to send and receive faxes without having to use a traditional fax machine.

How to Send a Fax From Outlook

To send a fax from Outlook, the first step is to sign up for a reliable online fax service. Once you have signed up, you will need to install the required software on your computer. After the software is installed, you will be able to send faxes directly from Outlook.

When you are ready to send a fax, simply open Outlook and create a new message. Enter the recipient’s fax number in the “To” field, add the subject line and body of the message, and then attach the document you want to send. Finally, click the “Send” button to send the fax.

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Fax Service

When choosing an online fax service, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure the service is secure and reliable. Check reviews to make sure the service is reliable and has good customer service. Additionally, make sure the service is easy to use and provides helpful features such as fax tracking and the ability to send large files.

Finally, consider the cost of the service. Prices vary widely, so compare different services to find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Tips for Sending Faxes Through Outlook

When sending a fax from Outlook, it’s important to make sure the recipient’s fax number is correct. Additionally, make sure the document you are sending is in the correct format (i.e. PDF, Word, etc.).

Also, make sure you have a good internet connection. If your internet connection is slow or unreliable, the fax may not be sent properly.


Sending a fax from Outlook is easy and convenient with a reliable online fax service. With the right service, you can easily send and receive faxes directly from Outlook. Just make sure to choose a service that is secure, reliable, and easy to use.

Few Frequently Asked Questions

What is Outlook?

Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft that includes an email client, calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing. It is available as a part of Microsoft Office, as a standalone application, and as a web application. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Can I Send a Fax From Outlook?

Yes, you can send a fax from Outlook. Microsoft Outlook has an integrated fax feature that allows you to send a fax from your computer without having to use a separate fax machine. The fax feature is available in Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac, and Outlook on the web.

How Do I Set Up the Fax Feature?

To set up the fax feature, you need to have a Microsoft account and a subscription to Office 365, Microsoft 365, or Exchange Server. Once you have these, you can log in to Outlook and follow the steps to set up the fax feature. The steps vary depending on which version of Outlook you are using.

How Do I Send a Fax?

To send a fax, open Outlook and select the New item button. Then select Fax from the drop-down menu. You can then enter the recipient’s fax number, add a cover page, and attach any documents you want to include. Finally, click the Send button to send the fax.

Are There Any Limitations?

Yes, there are some limitations to the Outlook fax feature. For example, you can only send up to 10 pages at a time and the maximum file size that can be sent is 10MB. You also cannot send international faxes or use the Outlook fax feature to receive faxes.

What Are the Benefits of Using Outlook to Send a Fax?

Using Outlook to send a fax has several advantages. It is quick and easy to set up, and you can send faxes from anywhere with an internet connection. You also don’t need a separate fax machine, which can save you money. And since you can attach documents, you don’t have to print out the documents and scan them to send them as a fax.

Outlook how to send a fax

The answer to the question “Can I send a fax from Outlook?” is a resounding yes! Outlook is a powerful program that allows users to send and receive faxes from the comfort of their own home. With the help of Outlook, users can quickly and easily fax documents to anyone in the world – no special hardware or software required. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to send and receive faxes, look no further than Outlook. With its user-friendly interface and powerful technology, Outlook is the perfect choice for all your faxing needs.