Micosroft Visio is a great visual tool for creating professional diagrams and flowcharts. There are a few different versions of Visio: the subscription version, Visio Online Plan 2, and the one-time purchase versions of Visio. 

Version of Visio

The one-time purchase versions include Visio 2019, 2016 and 2013. These non-subscription versions come in either Visio Standard or Visio professional.

Visio Online Plan 2

This subscription version of Visio requires that you have a license in order to download it. You’ll typically have this version if you work for a business, company or organization that has a subscription to Visio and you’re working under their subscription. This is done through an Office 365 Business Plan. 

In order to install this version of Visio, an admin must assign each user a license. There are multiple kinds of licenses that include many different features. For example, some licenses may include Skype for Business Online. Once you have a license assigned to you, you will see an option to install Visio.

You’ll need a Microsoft account in order to install this version of Visio, but this will most likely not be a personal account. The license will most likely be assigned to your work or school account.

Vision Online Plan 2 differs from Visio Online Plan 1 because Visio Online Plan 2 includes a desktop version. Visio Online Plan 1 does not, and therefore no installation is required.

This also differs from Microsoft HUP. You’ll need to download Visio through Microsoft HUP if you bought Visio through your company or organization for your own personal use. In this case, you will receive a product key, not an assigned license, and you’ll need to install it through HUP. 

The IT department at your organization may also use different methods to install volume licensed editions of Visio. In this case, you’ll need to contact your organization’s IT department for installation. 

One-Time Purchase Versions

When you purchase Visio for your own use, and not through an organization, you’ll have two options: Visio Standard and Visio Professional. Visio Standard gives you a very basic version of Visio, Visio Professional gives you a greater amount of more elaborate tools, shapes, and templates. 

Each version of Visio, Visio 2019, 2016 and 2013 comes in either Standard or Professional. Whether you pick Standard or Professional depends on your personal or professional needs and how you’re going to use Visio.

Installing one of these versions requires two things: a Microsoft account and a product key. You’ll receive the product key when you purchase Visio and you can either create a Microsoft account or sign in with your existing one.

You must sign in to your Microsoft account and redeem your product key. You only have to enter your key once, because once your key has been entered your account will be linked with the Visio app and you’ll be ready to start using Visio. 

When using a one-time purchase version of Visio, it’s important to make sure that you’re not purchasing Visio from a third-party source. Purchasing from a third-party source can cause you to have issues redeeming your product key.

Steps for Downloading Visio

Step 1: Check the System Requirements

Before you install Microsoft Office, ensure your PC meet requirements for installation.

Step 2:  Sign In

Once you’re sure your PC meets all system requirements, you’ll want to sign in at Microsoft Office using your Microsoft account. Remember, if you’re using a subscription version of Visio this will most likely be your work or school account. 

If you’re trying to install a one-time purchase version, you’ll need to create a personal account or use one you already have. Just remember to make sure the account you use is associated with the version of Visio you are installing.

Step 3A: For Visio Online Plan 2

When installing Visio Online Plan 2, you’ll first want to make sure you’re on the Office home page. From there, navigate to Install Office Apps then select Other Install Options. From there, select Visio under Software. Choose your preferred language and bit version. 

To install 64-bit, click on Version, then Advanced, and select 64-bit. Finally, click Install

Step 3B: For Visio Standard or Professional

For Visio Standard or Professional versions, you’ll first be taken to the Office homepage. From there, click on Install Office. You’ll then have to go through the list of the Office products you already own to find Visio. If you have an Office 365 account, choose Services and Subscriptions from the header to see this list of your products. 

From there, choose the Visio version you want to install. Choose Other Options to select the language you want or to choose the 64-bit version. Finally, click Install. 

Step 4: Complete Visio Installation

Visio should now begin downloading. Once it’s downloading, there are just a few more steps for installation. On Edge or Internet Explorer, choose Run, on Chrome, choose Setup, or on Firefox, choose Save Files

You should now see a message on your screen that says Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Do not let this message concern you. This is what you want to happen, so click on Yes. Now Visio is installed and the hard part is over.

Now, you’re ready to begin using Visio. An animation will pop up and you will see a message on your screen telling you that You’re all set! Visio is Installed Now. Finally, find the Visio app on your computer and begin creating using Visio. Learn more about Microsoft Visio here.

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