How to Insert a Link Into a Powerpoint?

Do you want to make your Powerpoint presentation more interactive? Inserting a link can help you do just that! In this article, we’ll discuss how to insert a link into a Powerpoint and the different types of links you can add. You’ll learn the step-by-step process for adding a link and how to make sure the link works correctly. By the end, you’ll be a Powerpoint pro and able to create professional presentations with ease.

How to Insert a Link Into a Powerpoint?


How to Insert a Hyperlink into a PowerPoint Presentation

Adding hyperlinks to a PowerPoint presentation can make the presentation more interactive and engaging. Not only do they allow you to easily link to sources and other slides, but they can also be used to add a touch of creativity to your presentation. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to insert a hyperlink into a PowerPoint presentation.

The first step is to select the text or image that you want to link to. This can be done by clicking and dragging your mouse over the desired text or image. Once the selection is made, right-click and select the “Hyperlink” option. This will open a new dialog box.

Select the Link Type

In the dialog box, you will be able to select the type of link you would like to add. The most common type is the “Existing File or Web Page” option. This allows you to link to a file or web page that already exists. If you would like to link to a new page or file, you can select the “Create New Document” option.

Enter the Link Details

Once you have selected the type of link you would like to add, you will need to enter the link details. This can be the URL of an existing web page, the path to a file, or the name of a new document. Once you have entered the details, click on the “OK” button.

Formatting the Hyperlink

Once the hyperlink has been added, you can customize its appearance. This can be done by selecting the hyperlink and then clicking on the “Format” tab. Here, you can change the color, font, size and other attributes of the link.

Adding a Tooltip

You can also add a tooltip to the hyperlink. This is a short message that will appear when the user hovers over the link. To add a tooltip, right-click on the link and select the “Tooltip” option. This will open a new dialog box where you can enter the tooltip text.

Testing the Link

Once you have finished adding the hyperlink, it is important to test it to make sure it is working properly. To test the link, hover over it and make sure the tooltip appears, and then click on it to make sure it takes you to the correct page or file.


Inserting a hyperlink into a PowerPoint presentation is a simple task that can add a lot of value to your presentation. With the steps outlined in this guide, you should be able to easily add a hyperlink to your presentation in no time.

Related FAQ

What is a Link?

A link is a connection from one web page to another, either within the same website or a different website. Links are created using HTML and allow users to navigate from one page to another quickly and easily.

How Do I Insert a Link Into a Powerpoint?

To insert a link into a Powerpoint presentation, start by selecting the text or image you want to be linked. Then, right-click and choose “Hyperlink…” from the drop-down menu. From there, you can choose to link to an existing file, a website, or another slide in the presentation. Once you’ve chosen your link, click “OK” and the link will be inserted into your Powerpoint.

What is the Benefit of Linking in Powerpoint?

Linking in Powerpoint can be a great way to direct your audience to additional resources or to a specific page in the presentation. It can also help to make a presentation more interactive. By providing links to resources or other slides, you can help keep your audience engaged and provide them with additional information.

What are Some Tips for Inserting Links?

When inserting links in a Powerpoint presentation, it’s important to make sure that the links are accurate, and that they are easy to find. It’s also a good idea to make sure that all of the links are working before the presentation begins. Additionally, you may want to consider making the links more visible by adding a color to the text or underlining the link.

What is the Difference Between a Hyperlink and a URL?

A hyperlink is a link within a web page or document that, when clicked, will take you to another web page or document. A URL, on the other hand, is a web address that contains all of the information needed to locate a specific web page. A hyperlink can be used to link to a URL, but a URL cannot be used as a hyperlink.

What is the Maximum Number of Links that Can be Inserted into a PowerPoint?

There is no maximum number of links that can be inserted into a PowerPoint. However, it’s important to remember that too many links can make a presentation difficult to follow, so it’s important to be mindful of how many links you are including in your presentation.

How to Insert Links in PowerPoint Slides

Creating a link in a PowerPoint presentation is a great way to add a touch of professionalism to your presentation. It allows you to quickly and easily provide access to other sources of information or resources, while making it easier for your audience to navigate through the material. Now that you know how to quickly and efficiently insert a link into a PowerPoint presentation, you can make sure all of your presentations have a professional, polished look.